Covid-19 Vaccine: Actress, Georgina Onuoha Labels Pastor Chris A Clown Who Doesn’t Need To Be Taken Serious

Nigerian actress, Georgina Onuoha has labeled Nigerian pastor, Pastor Chris a clown.

According to the renowned actress, the cleric doesn’t need to be taken seriously saying there are some pastors who are businessmen and not pastors or scientists.

The post she made reads; “Another clown that should not be taken seriously. These guys are businessmen and not pastors or scientists.

He deliberately fed his church members lies regarding the virus by linking virus to 5G which is another conspiracy theory.
The level of misinformation and disinformation this thing spewed from his pulpit was sickening.

I am glad to see him and his fake ministry being held accountable. This man and everyone peddling lies from the pulpit should be held accountable and liable.

Thanks to the U.K. government for fining him. It is well deserved and the Nigerian zoo should do same. This guys are doing a huge disservice.”

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