Obi Cubana Showing Off And Loving His Wife Is A ‘Bad Market’ For Side Chics — Actress, Ifemeludike

Nollywood actress, Chioma Grace Ifemeludike has averred that billionaire businessman, Obi Cubana has started something in Nigeria that will encourage men to get married with or without money.

Ifemeludike noted on her Instagram page that men must start appreciate the women who started with them when they had little as what Obi Cubana did at her mum’s funeral at Oba brings hope for young men.

She also stated that the display of affection and love coupled with the way Obi Cubana pampered his wife creates a bad market for side chicks.

Her post reads;

You got married when you had little, she moves into your studio room with you, prays for you, bears you children, comforts you at difficult times, lend you money when that business suffers set back and so many things she does to support you as her special man…

“Then suddenly you get the big break, filthy rich 💰, big houses 🏘, luxurious cars etc. that same woman that stood with you through thick and thin becomes old, ugly and dirty then you resort to changing slay queens and side chicks relegating your wife, your backbone, your prayer warrior, the mother of your kids to an ordinary housewife, she becomes your punching bag while your kids watch… are you not acting foolishly???

“Today, Learn from the Oba billionaire, when you love and respect your wife it adds glory and virtue to your name, boosts love and family bond… Stop destroying yourself for temporary pleasure!!!

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