Reality Tv Star, Uriel Fires Response At Ighalo’s Estranged Wife, Sonia For Calling Her An ‘Olosho’

Nigerian reality Tv star, Uriel has fired response back at Ighalo’s ex-wife, Sophia who called her an olosho earlier.

This comes after Uriel revealed that a lot of girls bombarded her ex’s Dm after she posted a photo of him. According to her, she is still very good friends with this guy.

She added that she would never post a photo of her husband on the gram.

She wrote, “pls why do women like other women’s property?? I posted a picture of my Ex who is my good friend. and his DM full .. even those telling me how much they love me done enter his dM saying don’t show Uriel.. biko ive seen .. I will never post my husband for Instagram biko i don’t have energy for everyday Night vigil”

On seeing this, Sophia took to her social media page to indirectly call Uriel an olosho ( a prostitute) and also accused her of sleeping around with married men and footballers.

Uriel was not having it and took to social media to set Sophia straight, adding that if sleeps with married men, she would not be able to afford her car.

“I can’t be having sugar-daddy and be driving a Crosstour. I work hard for my money

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