Ritual Movies Na My Calling’- Yul Edochie Finally Admits

Yul Edochie has admitted in a new Instagram post that acting in ritual-themed movies is his ‘real’ area of specialization.

This comes after he had a flurry of intriguing comments from his followers which flooded his timeline as they unanimously endorse him as a ritualist owning to his penchant for operating exclusively in such movies on the back of a new movie trailer he shared that has the same theme.

The son of the legendary Nollywood actor responded by saying he has now realized that ritual movie is his calling because he does it so well and brings out all the aspects that make the story believable.

In his words;

Bros leave am, Ritual Movies na my calling.

The facial expression, the body language, everything.
I make such characters look so real.
Now I understand why boys dey say make I cut soap for dem.
If no be say I know myself I for dey fear myself small.

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